Cool business tip: Beat the office heat this summer working from home

Get your home office ready for the Australian summer heat - if you're working from home, you'll need good insulation.
Beat the office heat this summer working from home

Australians are working from home more often than ever before. 

And with summer fast approaching, we all need to work on a plan to keep cool during those taxing Zoom meetings, or crunching the numbers in all those complicated spreadsheets.

Working from the kitchen or loungeroom table (or even your bed) isn’t the best – or safest – way to conduct business. So, look to a home office for working from home long-term.

An office in your garden might be a good idea if you have a large backyard. 

It’s a great option if you can build a new structure, or just upgrade your garden shed. 

Additionally, a garden office can be used in much more ways than just to work. Many people use them to polish off a craft or indulge in a hobby.

A well-insulated garden office is one of the most important parts of the construction process. While the idea of insulating your garden office may seem daunting at first, ECO Home Insulation is ready to help, so you’ll be able to achieve it in no time.

If a home office in your garden is not feasible, you need to make sure the study, or room you’ve designated as your work space, is optimised for your comfort.

Insulation helps to keep temperatures comfortable all year round. This means that – especially in summer – you’ve got somewhere you can work effectively. 

Effective insulation will also make your office more secure and able to keep out more external noise, thanks to thicker walls, ceilings and cladding. In your home office, you’ll want to separate office noise (phone calls, computers, equipment, etc) from home noise (kids, kitchen appliances, TV, etc).

When it comes to your working from home office atmosphere, it’s not enough to keep the blistering heat out. You also need to consider ventilation, since natural breathing is crucial for productivity and daily living. Don’t forget to cross-ventilate and get plenty of fresh air.

Insulate Now, Ready For Working From Home

There are some important benefits to insulating your home office. These are:

Save money on your energy billsA cooler office means a cooler work headIncrease your home’s overall energy ratingEnhance the total value of your propertyReduce the impact of mould/mildew

Working From Home: Home Office Considerations

Home office insulation benefits from a bit of planning on your part. You can make your insulation work much better for you if you take into account these factors before setting up your working-from-home environment.


A home office that is productive and efficient must have good lighting.

A successful office environment starts with the right lighting. 

Having your workspace near a window promotes productivity. 

However, you need to take extra care in this situation. 

The bright sun breaking through your window can create glare on your monitor. This can make using the computer quite frustrating.

Plus the sun’s rays will heat up a room quickly, so endeavour to use window shades or tinting wisely to keep temperatures from creeping up on a hot summer’s day.

Remember, you want to complement your insulation not work against it.


Don’t fill your home office up with too much furniture and equipment.

You need to create plenty of space for the air to flow through your work space to avoid temperatures quickly heating up.

A cleaner office will boost your productivity too.

How ECO Home Insulation Can Help You This Summer


Without roof insulation you could be losing 35% of your cooling capacity. That translates into 10 degrees cooler in summer. ECO Home Insulation offers five roof insulation options: woolcell (pump-in), polyester, fibreglass, Tenmat downlight covers & draftstopper.


Insulate the walls that withstand the greatest heat (western walls) and get relief from the summer sun. A quarter of heat gain occurs through the wall. At ECO Home Insulation we offer three wall insulation options: Insulbloc® (existing walls), standard batts & foils.


Underfloor insulation does more than just keep your feet comfortable. A fifth of heat gain happens through floors. Get the real benefits from a total insulation solution with a specialist polyester underfloor roll.


Acoustic Insulation is all about minimising sound transfer between rooms and buildings. Loud pets, kids watching movies, outside traffic, noisy neighbours – whatever the reason – acoustic insulation can make your life just a little quieter.


With inadequate roof insulation you will not see the benefit of efficient cooling and you’ll be paying too much in energy bills. Where older insulation is still in good condition, speak to ECO Home Insulation Insulation about a roof top-up over older cellulose fibre or polyester/fibreglass batts.


Insulation removal is the perfect option for removing old/damaged insulation material, general waste you have accumulated or the build-up of dirt, dust and other harmful pollutants. ECO Home Insulation advises on which option is most suitable for your situation: removal by hand or removal by vacuum.

ECO Home Insulation can advise on different types of insulation for your home office to prepare it for the Aussie summer sun. We can carry out a FREE site inspection and quote to ensure that the job can be successfully installed and account for any obstacles that may make the install more challenging. Contact us today.

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