Woolcell Fills The Gaps In The Insulation Market

Woolcell is a premium pump-in roof insulation product, designed and manufactured right here in Australia.
Woolcell Fills The Gaps In The Insulation Market

Woolcell is your best bet for insulating your home right now.


Because Australia is in the grip of a supply shortage when it comes to home building and renovation materials, and this includes home insulation products.

In some cases, supply chain delays for some products are as long as 26 weeks – particularly with regard to timber products, but insulation batts and other insulation materials are also critically affected.

These major delays are leading to soaring costs in the building supply chain.

As a result, materials are in high demand worldwide due to the fact that many countries are using construction to stimulate their economies. 

Among the factors straining the global supply chain is a strong US housing market, which is expected to continue for several months.

The Suez Canal blockage, in turn, has caused shipping costs to rise.

In fact, in the last 12 months, new home construction has increased by 20%, said the Housing Industry Association’s chief economist, Tim Reardon. This is putting tremendous pressure on the availability of quality insulation products.

That’s where Woolcell comes in.

Pump-In Woolcell Is Available Right Now

Woolcell is a premium pump-in roof insulation product, designed and manufactured right here in Australia. 

It is environmentally-friendly, user friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Woolcell is made from exclusively Australian wool, recycled paper, Borax and Boric acid (both of which are naturally occurring salts). It also gives you 100% coverage.

The wool has been added for the purpose of keeping the product lightweight and ensuring it keeps its “loft” over the lifetime of the structure of the home. 

It is fire retardant (acting as a fire blanket), vermin resistant, and breathable, so it reduces mould (perfect for those with asthma and allergies). Woolcell absorbs and retains harmful indoor air pollutants too.

Woolcell home insulation was even awarded a National Wool Invention Competition ‘Prize of Distinction’ and is CSIRO-tested for conformance to industry standards.

Woolcell – The Best Insulation Solution

Properly fill in the gaps that cut the effective insulation rating in halfCover the ceiling joists to stop thermal bridging and a further loss of efficiencyTop up to the current standard with quality Woolcell insulation

Woolcell can be installed inside flat roofs, cathedral ceilings, and between floors and roof pitches with very tight access; it’s the ideal solution for areas where bulk insulation such as batts cannot be installed.

The lack of gaps means it offers better thermal and acoustic insulation, is less affected by atmospheric moisture, and Woolcell is less prone to vermin infestations

The eco-friendly Woolcell has a superior R-value and is semi-bound, so it doesn’t need surface sprays for adhesion, resulting in a stable and long-lasting product.

Why The ‘R-Value’ Is Important

The R-value is a way of denoting the thermal insulating capacity of the insulation. 

The higher the R-value, the better the insulation performance. 

However, the potential benefits of the higher insulation rating (R-value) are limited to the climate conditions where it is installed. 

For example coastal areas generally do not require insulation with a very high R-value as the climate conditions are often relatively moderate compared to inland conditions.

Generally roof insulation R-values range between R3.5 and R6, R3.5 around coastal areas and R6 in cold climates such as the alpine areas. Government websites generally recommend R4.1 for most areas in Australia.

The Benefits Of Home Insulation

The benefits of insulation are many, which is why it has become the most common home climate solution.

Improved comfort

An insulated home maintains a comfortable temperature – neither too hot nor too cold.

Electricity savings

The insulation in your home helps you keep cool or warm air inside, which reduces your air conditioner’s or heater’s workload. Consequently, you use less electricity.

Noise dampening

The insulation you choose for your home can help soundproof it.

Reduced carbon footprint

You can reduce your impact on the environment by using less electricity. In addition, most insulation is recyclable.


In order to ensure flame retardancy and safety, insulation must undergo rigorous testing.

Woolcell: A Summary Of The Key Benefits

  • Environmentally-friendly insulation that works at least 38% better than alternative batt insulation products
  • Suitable for dry walls insulation, flat and pitched roof construction
  • High acoustic rating

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