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ECO Home Insulation can advise on different types of acoustic insulation across the greater Hunter region!

The Unbeatable Benefits of OUR newcastle Acoustic Insulation

Reduce noise transfer and increase the comfort of home and the efficiency of workplaces.

ECO Home Insulation provides a series of products suitable for various levels of required acoustic insulation across the Hunter. Acoustic Insulation can help reduce noise transfer between:

  • Internal rooms i.e. between a bedroom and bathroom or bedroom and living areas
  • Between first and second floors in two storey homes
  • Between apartments (in apartment living)
  • Between commercial properties (i.e. in shopping centres or office complexes)
  • Dampen environmental noise from busy roads or aircraft
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ECO Home Insulation can advise on different types of acoustic insulation

If ECO Home Insulation is supplying and installing acoustic products we are required to carry out a FREE site inspection and quote to ensure that the job can be successfully installed and account for any obstacles that may make the install more challenging.

Cellulose Fibre

This product provides both thermal and acoustic ratings with the added benefit of being fire and vermin resistant. This product can be pumped into existing walls.


ECO Home Insulation uses a range of quality acoustic batts made from mineral wool, fibreglass and polyester. All acoustic batt products are best to install at the time of construction or during renovation.

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The majority of homes built pre-2000 seriously need insulation repair, top-up or, in some cases, removal and reinstallation. Without attention to this important issue, homeowners are not gaining any benefits from their current insulation product. They are definitely paying way more on heating and cooling than they could be.

As a result of our wide range of products and solutions, ECO Home Insulation is able to supply traditional low-cost Fibreglass product or innovative products that increase the all-important energy rating of the new home or development.

Contact us to arrange an independent energy efficiency rating for your house today. Houses built pre-2000 are likely to have a rating of around 1.5 Stars. With ECO Home Insulation, you can make a plan for increasing your rating to 5 or 6 Stars, giving you maximum benefit for your investment.

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