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On the coast, in the hills, near the Lake, in the middle of town, surrounded by vineyards – the Newcastle / Hunter region comprises so many different conditions that all impact the heat and cooling impacts on your home or workplace.

With a free inspection, measure and quote, our expert team of Newcastle insulation installers can identify the best solution for your home. The priority will be roof insulation and then consideration of the total insulation solution to meet the challenges of temperature extremes.

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Known as part of the warm, temperate climate zone, insulation needs to be able to cope with all kinds of weather.  

In summer, the roof cavity of an uninsulated house could experience 60-70 degrees Celsius when it’s only 35 degrees outside. In winter, an uninsulated house could be below 5 degrees Celsius on a frosty morning.

ECO Home Insulation will make a huge difference to your lifestyle in the Hunter. ECO Home Insulation Installers are trained and fully qualified (unlike some subcontractors) to ensure a high standard for the ultimate performance of your chosen product. 

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