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There are so many different types of insulation on the market and not all of them are suitable for YOUR roof! Worse still, it’s hard to compare products and prices because not all insulation produces the same results.

The Unbeatable Benefits of Roof Insulation

Without roof insulation you could be losing 35% of your heating/cooling capacity. That translates into 10 degrees cooler in summer and up to 7 degrees warmer in winter.

And that’s without considering the power bills which are already costing you a fortune. Talk to ECO Home Insulation and find out about saving money while increasing comfort and energy consumption.

Added benefits of roof insulation include lower damp conditions and mould and fire protection.

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Our premium roof insulation product, Woolcell is a pump-In material combining natural Australian wool, recycled paper, Borax and Boric acid (healthy salts used in everyday household products). Woolcell is environmentally and user friendly. It provides 100% coverage, is fire retardant and vermin resistant. It reduces mould (perfect for those with asthma and allergies) and has very good acoustic insulation properties.


Polyester insulation material is the same used in pillows and doonas. User friendly and great for allergy or asthma sufferers, Polyester batts are the popular choice for safety and ease of installation. It is also very effective for floor insulation as it copes well with moisture, odours, heat and cold weather.


Very popular with builders and those on strict budgets, Fibreglass batts offer similar short term benefits to other product. The materials/chemicals used to make fibreglass batts have improved significantly in the past 5-10 years. Professional installation is the key to any batt solution otherwise the thermal/ performance rating will decrease dramatically.


Tenmat Downlight Covers improve insulation efficiency and safety, as well as minimising gaps in the insulation. Gaps of 5% (including the clearance around downlights) lowers the R-rating by 50%. A Draft Stopper exhaust fan cover further improves insulation efficiency by eliminating air loss in winter and hot air gain in summer.

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The majority of homes built pre-2000 seriously need insulation repair, top-up or, in some cases, removal and reinstallation. Without attention to this important issue, homeowners are not gaining any benefits from their current insulation product. They are definitely paying way more on heating and cooling than they could be.

As a result of our wide range of products and solutions, ECO Home Insulation is able to supply traditional low-cost Fibreglass product or innovative products that increase the all-important energy rating of the new home or development.

Contact us to arrange an independent energy efficiency rating for your house today. Houses built pre-2000 are likely to have a rating of around 1.5 Stars. With ECO Home Insulation, you can make a plan for increasing your rating to 5 or 6 Stars, giving you maximum benefit for your investment.

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Woolcell acts as a fire barrier, smouldering flames. While Polyester and Fiberglass have zero flame spread, they can melt. Both Woolcell and Polyester are better for itch and irritant resistance.

Roof insulation works by creating a barrier that prevents heat from escaping or entering your home. It traps air in small pockets, which acts as an insulator, making your home more energy-efficient.

Roof insulation in your home offers advantages such as decreased energy expenses, enhanced indoor comfort, minimised greenhouse gas emissions, and increased property value.

Woolcell can serve as a deterrent for pests looking to nest in your roof.

Woolcell and Polyester insulation are both breathable and moisture-resistant, allowing you to reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Roof insulation boosts energy efficiency by enhancing thermal performance, and reducing the need for air conditioning and heating. This therefore lowers your energy consumption in your home.

We recommend comprehensive home insulation and can provide a free quote for the most effective solution. Adding wall and floor insulation can further cut heating and cooling expenses, cocooning your home.

Certainly! When you get your free measure and quote we will advise you on the best solutions for your home. Simply call us on 1300 996 904 to book in and speak with one of our insulation experts.

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