How Insulation can Safely Cocoon your Home this Winter

Professional insulation can help you to create a safe, cosy home environment that is efficient, economical and sustainable.
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Create a safe, cosy and insulated home environment that is economical, energy efficient and sustainable.

Suddenly, it looks like Australians will be spending a lot more time indoors this winter than we all probably planned to. This is not only a good time to make progress on all those DIY improvement jobs you’ve been meaning to start “tomorrow”, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to create a safe, cosy home environment.

Your house is essentially going to be your hideaway from the outside world for the next three to six months, so being comfortable is now a top priority. 

We encourage you to look at “cocooning your home” this winter with home insulation. 

This doesn’t mean wrapping your home in super-sized protective gear and sealing off all access! Cocooning your home is actually the process of insulating your home, layer by layer, to ensure all members of the household enjoy an optimum internal temperature. The more insulation you have throughout your roof, walls and floors, the more heat is trapped inside, and the more cocooned you will feel this winter, Sounds pretty cosy, right? Not to mention the added bonus of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

How can insulation protect my home this winter?  

The usual answer to keeping warm during winter is to rush out and buy energy-zapping portable heaters, electric blankets and hot water bottles. But these options are costly, probably being hoarded as we speak, and are really only a temporary solution. 

The smart solution is to install environmentally-friendly, fire-resistant home insulation. This is an excellent step toward cocooning your residence not just for this approaching winter – but for every future season. 

If you already have existing insulation, seek out a quote for a roof top-up service to help reduce your winter heating bills. Alternatively, organise the overdue removal and replacement (especially if your home is pre-2000), that will not only up the cosy factor of your home, but potentially increase the value of it too.

Specific products are available to help you start cocooning areas of your home including:

Keeping snug with efficiently-installed home insulation will ensure you’re protected from the elements, more comfortable, and feeling toasty during flu season, which is now more important than ever.  

Is home insulation installation still possible with COVID-19?

Considering the reality of COVID-19 and the government’s enforced six months of social-distancing, self-isolating, remote working and homeschooling, it could be the ideal time to finally sort out your insulation situation. Making this single, smart decision will guarantee your household is warm enough throughout the cooler months and not burning through the energy.

The longer your home is left uninsulated, the longer you are essentially living in a hugely inefficient space – especially if you’re home or 90% of the day, every day of the week. Both your bank balance and the environment are paying a little extra each month than they should. Energy is wasted as heat leaks through gaps in your ceiling, wall or floor that insulation could easily plug.

For example, the average uninsulated house in Australia will unnecessarily lose an astonishing amount of heat:

  • Uninsulated floors lose 10% – 20% heat
  • Uninsulated walls lose 15% – 25% heat
  • Uninsulated ceilings, roofs or windows lose 25% – 35% heat!

Entering this particularly challenging winter isolated in your home with no plan to insulate, means your energy bills will be exceedingly higher and your sense of comfort lower. Could cocooning your home be the answer to your winter blues this year?

Imagine a winter with no cold draughts, no frozen feet on cold tiles, and no thick, ugly curtains trying to trap the heat in. Organising the ultimate cocooned home in the current, restricted climate is easier than you might think.

Practice safe cocooning during COVID-19

There are some external-only services that can still proceed as close to normal as possible, and we are grateful that ECO Home Insulation is one of them. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s standard practice (even prior to the COVID-19 outbreak) for our installation teams to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and carry out most of their work externally. With social distancing restrictions now firmly in place, we are committed to delivering a clean, contactless service for every insulation project with minimal need to enter a customer’s home.

We are happy to provide you with a quote through a video call, or looking at your property’s plans via email. The best thing about picking up the phone to chat through your options, is that we can give you tailored advice and a package bundle deal to suit your home and situation during COVID-19.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further queries or you would like to book in for a no obligation FREE quote and contactless site inspection – 1300 331 366.


Below we have shared our ECO Home Insulation comparison chart of the types of products we install, plus the ways in which they can potentially be used in your home. You can also download the complete home insulation resource for free, or even share it with your self-isolating mates.

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