Minimum Insulation R-Values For Australian Homes

House in desert

Australia is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, but also its harsh climates. With deserts, tropical and even alpine climates, determining the minimum insulation R-Values necessary to keep home temperate is incredibly important.  Read on to learn the minimum insulation R-Values required for each Australian climate type.  What is R-Value? Insulation is a material that protects … Read more

Polyester Insulation: Everything You Need To Know

polyester on grass

If you are investigating your options for insulation, you have most likely come across polyester insulation. It is an effective and safe insulation type made from a high percentage of recycled material. But what is polyester insulation made from, and what kind of homes is it suited for? What Polyester Insulation Is Made From Polyester … Read more

Thermal Imaging For Insulation Inspections

Thermal image of house

If you find your home getting too warm in summer, too cold in winter, or suffering from mould or condensation problems, there is likely a problem with your insulation. But short of tearing through your walls, how are you going to know for sure?  Thermal imaging is a technology that allows you to see pools … Read more

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